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    PNM Resources, Inc. is an investor-owned energy holding company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It provides electricity and electric services in New Mexico and Texas through its two utilities, PNM and TNMP. PNM and TNMP have approximately 2,787 megawatts of generation capacity and serve electricity to more than 761,000 homes and businesses in New Mexico and Texas.

    PNM Resources has a solid reputation for shareholder value, customer satisfaction and service reliability. It is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange as PNM. In 2015, consolidated operating revenues totaled $1.4 billion.

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    PNM is a regulated utility in New Mexico with operations primarily engaged in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity.

    PNM at a glance:

    • 516,658 customers;
    • 15,025 miles of transmission and distribution lines;
    • 2,787 megawatt generation capacity.

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    Power for progress means affordability, reliability and sustainability. For nearly a century, PNM has delivered affordable, reliable electric service to New Mexico, and in recent years, we’ve helped make the Land of Enchantment a leader in sustainable electric power. Our goal is to continue powering our customers’ dreams and the state’s economy while working to protect the environment that we all share.

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    TNMP is a regulated transmission and distribution utility operating, providing electric service to customers on behalf of competitive retail providers within the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) power system.

    TNMP at a glance:

    • Serves more than 243,000 homes and businesses in more than 70 communities in Texas.
    • More than 9,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines.
    • Power provider for critical international petroleum customers along the Texas Gulf Coast.