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    Through its regulated utilities, PNM and TNMP, PNM Resources serves electricity to more than 761,000 homes and businesses in New Mexico and Texas.

    Upcoming event

    Upcoming Event


    October 28, 2016

    Community & Environment

    • Community giving

      Learn more about programs that increase environmental education and awareness of key resource issues

    • PNM Resources Foundation

      Since 1983, the PNM Resources Foundation has supported nonprofit organizations throughout our service territories with grants, charitable contributions, and employee volunteer time.

    • Environment

      We are committed to protecting our natural environment, supporting the advancement of clean renewable energy, promoting energy conservation measures and reducing our carbon footprint.



    We are committed to serving the best interests of our shareholders. You will find key shareholder information and financial reports available to help put PNM Resources, Inc.'s financial performance into perspective.

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